Karen Ortman
Owner, Karen's Teacups and Yorkies
San Antonio, Texas

Welcome to Karen's Teacup and Toy Dogs.com as well as karensteacups.com and KarensTeacupsandYorkies.com.   I am Karen, and I want to thank you for visiting the site.  I hope you enjoy browsing the site as I have tried diligently to provide the information most commonly asked by my puppy buyers.  I hope I get the opportunity to meet you in the near future and will do my best to insure you get the puppy that meets your expectations.  I will be adding more fun and entertaining features to the website in the near future, in an attempt to make this an enjoyable (and safe) place for you and your children to hang out and watch some funny videos or see some endearing puppy photos!   I appreciate the traffic and hope you share the site with your friends, even if it's just for fun.  That's OK!  I will eventually get a blog posted, but for now, since I have literally have had to re-code the entire website from scratch (see the History tab for more information on that), I am going forward with what I have thus far.  I have had many, many past and future puppy buyers ask me where in the world my site has been, (and my email addresses) and honestly, I can't tell you, but it is here to stay.

 My teacups or puppies are raised in my home, receiving a good balance of home rules and other pet rules.  This indoctrinates them to living with people, while still being able to live in a pack setting.  They get to experience and learn rules of respecting the family's home, while learning the pack rules, as well, as they develop balance, and grow to be a pleasant, respectful and happy dog.  This makes for a life-long, enjoyable companion and just as with children, rules learned early on are the ones that get fully indoctrinated and have lasting affects.  I do not use kennels or cages, rather, they have their own bedrooms or teacup room and with each stage of their life, they are granted more freedom and accompanying expectations.  Part of their development and freedom is dependent upon their immunity levels.  I have studied and researched the immunization process on a very detailed level, particularly with these breeds and very, very tiny sizes.  I feel confident and proud of the immunization program all my puppies will complete prior to their leaving my care.  For details on Immunizations, click on that menu button. 


We are located in the northwest area of San Antonio, Texas, near Helotes, Texas, 6 Flags Fiesta Texas, University of Texas at San Antonio and Sea World, just two exits from the Shoppes at La Cantera.  We raise Yorkshire Terriers, commonly known as Yorkies, and Yorkie-Poms (my personal favorite), predominately specializing in the teacup sizes and very tiny toys.  100% of our puppies are registered through nationally recognized registries.  95% of our Yorkies are registered through AKC (American Kennel Club), and the hybrids (Yorkie-Poms), are registered through ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club), which is a hybrid registry out of another nationally recognized registry known as APRI (America's Pet Registry, Incorporated).  If you are interested in learning more about the registration process and registries themselves, click on Registration on the menu to the left for a more detailed explanation.  I strongly encourage anyone shopping for a puppy, to require registration papers from a well known and respected registry.  It's another screening feature to insure your puppy will grow up meeting your expectations.  It's just a very good practice to require a breeder be honest and up-front with their buyers.


As you undoubtedly know, the dog market, particularly the teacup market, has countless disastrous stories about people getting ripped-off.  The percentages of badly bred dogs, unhealthy dogs and non-guaranteed dogs are outrageously high, so I implore you when you shop to thoroughly do your homework before buying from anyone.  Whether you buy from me or someone else, I have at least tried to provide you with a wealth of information to help you make a smart choice, and I hope you find the site useful and helpful.


We strive to provide beautiful, even-tempered, healthy, happy, tiny dogs.  We offer the traditional blue-and-gold Yorkies and the AKC parti-color Yorkies.  They can range in color from the very dark steel blue (often referred to as black and tan) color, to the lighter silver or blonde color.  The parti-colors Yorkies are all registered through AKC and we are just getting started with that breed, but hope to have more of those puppies available in the future.

Breeding Standards:  We have invested a of money in our sires and dams, using only quality parents, precluding potential genetic flaws which might otherwise be passed down the lines.  Additionally, we strive to achieve out-breeding, which is the opposite of in-breeding.  Inbreeding is quite common and taking place on an exponential scale, unfortunately, and I believe it to be the single greatest source of physical, emotional, psychological and behavioral disorders seen far too often with the toy breeds.  Obviously, with out-breeding, there are more lines involved in the breeding process, insuring that brothers, sisters, parents and near relatives are not bred together.  It is much more expensive to maintain diverse lines, rather than a few from the same line.  Conversely, when we discover a super-match genetically between a given sire and dam, those two will be bred when considering subsequent breedings.  The genetics play an incredibly important role, not only in the sheer beauty of the dogs, but their health and behavior, as well.

Quality, quality, quality. This has always been my goal 

In addition to the preclusion of developmental issues already mentioned, all my puppies have received glowing reviews, from numerous vets, not only from the different vets that I use personally, but  other vets, as well.  Different breeds and sizes encounter different types of anomalies, so I make certain all my puppies are seen by vets who specialize in the tiny toys and teacups.  I encourage all buyers to do the same as it will inevitably assure your dog's health concerns are addressed as thoroughly as possible.  For a more in-depth discussion regarding concerns for this breed and size, click on the Health Standards menu button.

Photography Studio

Health Guarantee: After I have employed all the safeguards and quality breeding practices, I am happy to provide a 1-year health guarantee with all my puppies.  Any congenital deformation will typically manifest itself within the first year of a dog's life.  Breeders who offer you the 1-year Health Guarantee demonstrate their confidence in the quality of their puppies, when they provide legal documentation backing their puppy's continued health.  After I have invested so much time, money and expertise into my puppies, I am confident to provide this contract, as I have, to date, never had any buyer actually need or use it! It is there for your 'peace of mind', knowing I am willing to make a legal commitment as to the quality of my puppies!  For more details on the Health Guarantee, click on that menu tab.

Photography Studio:

This is where these little guys their mug shots!!  This furniture is tiny and hand-crafted children's Chippendale furniture, from England, given to me by a dear friend who was one of my puppy buyers!  They are extremely unique and beautiful, and like the teacups, very tiny!  (Thank you Irene - you are a sweetheart!)